Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Ready out of the Box

It’s simple. We send you phones pre-configured for your account or you can use your existing VoIP equipment or softphones, the choice is yours. All of the configuration and customization is web based and simple to understand. The control panel is extremely powerful, but you don’t need to do a thing to get started. ┬áJust plug in your phone and start calling!

Our control panel will let you setup call handling rules for your business so you will not need to worry about missed calls from customers, busy signals, or calls going to the wrong person.


Incoming Call Rules

Layer Four VoIP PBX call rules page



Easy, Flexible and powerful. Send calls to your cell phone when your away, ring your assistant at the same time as your phone, and hang up on telemarketers.

All of the call rules are managed from your web based control panel or directly from your phone.



Sound Big, Save Time

IVR auto attendant included for free Our professional Interactive Voice Response system will let you create simple voice menus in a few clicks. You can also use the advanced features to integrate multiple levels of menus, dynamically change the call behavior based on caller selection, and even integrate your own applications through our API system.





  • Custom Call Routing Custom Call Routing

    Calls can be routed based on caller ID, time, availability, or any other factor you choose. You can set your call rules anytime whether your in the office or not.

  • Auto Attendant Auto Attendant

    You can configure an auto-attendant or IVR to handle your calls with a few clicks. With powerful text-to-speech tools and graphical setup you can create voice menus in a snap

  •  Never Miss a Call Never Miss a Call

    No one wants to be tied to a desk waiting for a phone call, and as a fast growing company you can’t afford to miss an opportunity. Follow-Me can be setup in 30 seconds to ring your desk and if you don’t answer, try you anywhere else.