Powerful Features

Powerful Features

Extensions, Plugins, and Advanced Features

Your Phone system works out of the box, but you can extend it as far as you want. Our SOAP and REST based APIs allow you to integrate your phone system into any application. We also include the CallNow feature to embed a “call me now” form directly into your website.


Fully Extendable

Fully programmable IVR



Fully programmable IVR with API support. Use the built in IVR scripting system to integrate your IVR with any web application.  Perform actions via API call based on your caller’s entries, responses, callerID and more.




Plugins and Applications

VoIP PBX with integrated APIBuilt for integration. Our CallAPI allows you to push call events to any application and initiate PBX functions via an API.  This allows you to program applications which integrate with your phone system at every level.  Our API exposes every feature and capability of our platform.





  • CallMe Now CallMe Now

    Have the Cloud connect you to your customers with one click. Publish a link on a website, or include in your email signature and whenever someone clicks the link, Layer Four will connect them to you by phone.

  • Text-to-Speech Text-to-Speech

    Build your interactive voice menus easily with the built-in high quality Text2Speech engine. Converting text to natural speech has never been easier, even in foreign languages.

  • Full API Full API

    Manage every facet of your Hosted PBX via the API.  Call handling can be dictated and controlled from your application as well as programming API calls directly into your IVR.