Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

What can your phones tell you?

Layer Four lets you use your phones as a powerful tool to learn about your business. What is your most profitable day of the week? What time do your customers call you? Which of your employees are on the phone the most? How many sales have you lost because of hold times? We let you use your data like never before. You can create charts, graphs, and tables to run your business more efficiently.


Business Intelligence

Web based VoIP call reports




Meaningful data at your fingertips. Lots of data is great, but useless. Layer Four put the data to work and allows you to put your information to work.  Our reporting engine lets you choose from dozens of predefined reports and create custom views in minutes.



Free Call Recording

VoIP PBX with integrated API



Keep a record. Call recording is included with all plans at no extra charge. Selectively record calls on demand, on schedule, or record all calls, the choice is yours.  You can review your recorded calls from the web, from anywhere.





  • Complete Call History Complete Call History

    View and search your entire call history. Sort by extension, phone number, time and more. Never wonder where your calls are going again.

  • Call Recording Call Recording

    Layer Four Hosted PBX allows you to record your calls on demand and access those recordings anytime. You can record calls for quality, training, or just as a reminder.

  • Custom Reporting Custom Reporting

    Generate individual reports for each phone, agent, or department to view information specific to how you run your business.